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Garcia: If Thurman tries to box we're gonna hunt him down!

Danny Garcia talks about his approach to fighting Keith Thurman this weekend.

WBC welterweight champion Danny Garcia talks to reporters about his upcoming unification bout with Keith Thurman this Saturday. Check out some excerpts of what he had to say...

On what he expects from Thurman on fight night:

"You know I expect him to bring his best. I'm prepared for the best of anyone that night. So I'm ready for whatever, I'm ready to make adjustments like a true champion and get the victory."

On his he's going to attempt to put on a sensational performance in front of a wide audience on CBS:

"I always train to look good, I want to go in there and look good. I don't want to add no extra pressure, I don't want to do nothing out of the ordinary because it's a big audience...I gotta go in there and just keep my composure, I gotta be Danny Garcia, I gotta be the same Danny Garcia that I've always been and that's just doing my thing."

On how many people he hopes will tune in for this fight:

"Man, I hope 10 million. I'll be happy if 10 million tune in, but 5-6 million would be good.

On if he's concerned that NYSAC still hasn't made a decision about licensing his father with just a couple days left before the fight:

"Nah, he'll be alright. It's politics. He'll be aight though, he'll be okay.

"We can't worry about that. At the end of the day we gotta stay focused on Saturday night, the game plan, we gotta stay focused on the fight. We can't worry about no outside negativity or distractions so we're prepared, man. We're focused, we feel good and everything's gonna go smooth."

On if he can silence critics about his debatable wins with a win over Thurman:

"You know every fight is different, the greatest champions had close decision wins. It's not something that just appeared, there's always been those kind of fights in everybody's legacy...everything I've been through in my career led me to this fight and I'll be ready for whatever."

On Keith Thurman saying that he does everything better than him:

"You know I'm definitely a better fighter than him. He's never been in the ring with a fighter like Danny Garcia and come Saturday night I'ma prove it. I'm the physically stronger guy, I'm the better counter puncher, I'm sharper than him, and we're gonna see Saturday night.

"If you ask me I'm one of the most skilled boxers in the sport of boxing. I beat every style they put in front of me. They said people were faster than me, people were stronger than me, people more craftier than me, and I always come out on top. So that speaks a lot for my skill level."

On what traits he brings to the ring that puts him above Thurman:

"He's never been in the ring with a fighter who is able to adapt like me. I can make adjustments round by round. I'm mentally strong, I never give up, and he's never been in with a fighter with that kind of mindset and that type of willpower.

"I believe that I fight better aggressively than he boxes...if he wants to try to box then we gonna hunt him down and beat him to the punch."

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