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Angel Garcia: Keith Thurman suffers from 'retard strength'

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried...

Following the final press conference for Keith Thurman vs Danny Garcia, FightHub caught some video footage of trainer Angel Garcia answering some media questions. Needless to say, Angel expressed some more of his brilliant philosophy...

On what he read in Thurman's body language during the final presser:

"He suffers from that...I'm not trying to offend nobody so I'll try to be careful of what I say...When somebody is f*cked up [in the head]. And they got that retard strength. That's what I think he suffers from. I'm not trying to offend nobody out there. Don't put that sh*t [out there] like the racist [story]," Angel joked to reporters. "I'll have a bunch of people calling me up, suing me and sh*t."

On what's the hardest part of getting ready for a fight:

"The hardest thing is camp, staying focused, keeping him focused because it's hard to keep a grown man focused. He's a grown man, he can make his own decisions."

"...all the odds and all that, we're not looking at that because we're not gamblers."

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