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Roach: Golovkin beat Jacobs but got exposed a little

Freddie Roach says he had Gennady Golovkin beating Daniel Jacobs but that Golovkin might be showing signs of aging.

In this video interview with FightHub, Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach shares his thoughts on the Golovkin-Jacobs fight and what that might mean for any potential Canelo-Golovkin fight.

On what he thought of Golovkin-Jacobs:

"Triple G, I thought he won the fight. It was a very good fight. Jacobs boxed very well, took some good shots =, he got up from a very, very good knockdown. I thought that Triple G won the fight but it was good for boxing. I think that maybe [Golovkin is] getting a little bit older, he was exposed a little bit, he might have trouble with the southpaw boxers which [Jacobs] came out a did.

"But, again, if he fights Canelo I'll pick him to win that fight because I think he's the stronger, better puncher in that fight. I hope that fight happens because I like good fights and I think that's a great fight."

On Golovkin potentially moving up in weight if he can't get land a fight with Canelo:

"Well I think that's a good choice because every fighter that dominates their era or their time in boxing has dominated different weight classes. I'm really surprised he hasn't moved up to fight for the [168lb] or [175lb] title already. I would like to see him in both of those fights. Very competitive fights, something I want to see.

On Golovkin possibly showing signs of age:

"Well, against bangers and stuff like this he can punch also and so forth. But then the boxer gave him a little bit of trouble. I mean that style I think was the difference, made me say maybe he's slowing down a little bit. But maybe it's just the boxing ability of the fighter he fought. So that remains to be seen.

"I mean I thought he could beat like [Andre] Ward at one time in my life. But now I might change my mind because Ward's a very good boxer and maybe would outbox him. So it's kind of changed my perspective on him a little bit."

On Jacobs skipping the second day weigh-in and looking noticeably bigger than Golovkin in the ring:

"Well the thing is legally they made the weight they were supposed to do. Nobody has to get on the scale going into the ring, it's not a rule. So the thing is [Jacobs] may have been a lot bigger, a lot heavier and so forth, but he took advantage of maybe a little flaw they have with the commissions. But the thing is that [Jacobs] being the bigger guy helped him quite a bit in that fight."

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