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Sonnen: If McGregor lasts one round with Mayweather then entire sport of boxing is a fake phony myth!

MMA fighter Chael Sonnen says the public disrespects the sport of boxing and that if McGregor lasts one round with Mayweather it discredits the entire sport.

Chael Sonnen catches up with FightHub to give his thoughts on a Mayweather-McGregor boxing match. Check out what he had to say...

On Mayweather-McGregor:

"The biggest storyline of that fight that's never been talked about is how much the public disrespects boxing. The public dismisses boxing as a fringe, fake, and phony sport, and the public just might be right. The fact that you can take a guy who has never lost in professional boxing and put him in there with a guy who's never done professional boxing, and have a lot of people - including people within the industry of boxing - think that the guy that's never done it is going to beat your undefeated greatest of all time is an embarrassment for the sport.

"I come from wrestling, okay. The greatest wrestler America has right now is a young man named David Taylor. If you brought a guy over that's never wrestled before and put him against David Taylor, that man could be 30 seconds or less and every wrestler would tell you that. And the disrespect the public has shown to boxing - it's been absolutely mind-blowing to me because I happen to respect the sport. I was an amateur boxer, I wanted to be an olympian in the year 2000, I ended up going off and trying wrestling - but I believe in the sport and I care about it.

"If Conor McGregor lasts 30 seconds with Floyd Mayweather it discredits boxing, and I think he will. If Conor McGregor makes it out of one round with Floyd Mayweather, the entire sport of boxing is a fake, phony myth. And that's the kind of pressure that they're on. I happen to think boxing is real, I think Floyd gets him out of there but I'm an MMA guy and I'll be cheering for Conor and I want to see that fight and I think it's gonna happen."

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