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All Access Daily: Thurman-Garcia (Part 4)

Showtime releases the final installment of their digital series on Keith Thurman vs Danny Garcia.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Tonight’s Da Night, says Reggie Noble! Welterweight champions Keith Thurman and Danny Garcia will unify world titles, and with the anticipation hitting a fever pitch Showtime has released its last installment of All Access Daily: Thurman vs Garcia.

This episode opens up with the intense face off between Thurman and Garcia during yesterday’s weigh-in, also catching the two’s brief reflection on the encounter. Oh, and we also get to see every fighter’s favorite part of training camp — the post-weigh-in banquet.

“I’m from the streets of Philadephia so I know when somebody’s trying to act tough and when someone is tough...maybe it’s just for the cameras, but me, I can see through him.” -Danny Garcia

Next we catch a glimpse of the broadcaster’s fighter meetings which will feature Al Bernstein and Sugar Ray Leonard as live commentators. Somebody even bothered to ask Keith Thurman what the hell inspired his outfit...

“Living in the moment, that’s what I like to do, and then in the ring, we fight for the moment.” -Keith Thurman

In the end we circle back to the final weigh-in confrontation. Energy is high, all eyes will be watching. It all goes down tonight at 9PM ET on CBS.

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