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Angel Garcia reacts to loss to Keith Thurman.

Trainer Angel Garcia erupts when asked about Thurman getting the decision over his son.

Angel Garcia reacted about as well as you would expect in the aftermath of his son losing his WBC world title to Keith Thurman last night. Needless to say this expletive-ridden rant is NSFW, but luckily it's still Sunday.

Angel Garcia on Thurman becoming unified champion:

"He sucks! [Thurman] ain't no f*cking champion. The WBC was disgusted to give him the belt!...because he ain't win, that's why...

"I'm disgusted with this sh*t. [Thurman] lost, my brother. He ran the whole f*cking night...for real, for real, I want Danny to retire today. F*ck this shit, we ain't no stepping stone for nobody...

On how he scored the fight:

"I had it seven, I'll give [Thurman] five [rounds]. I'll give him five rounds if anything - he ain't f*cking win. The WBC was disgusted to give him the f*cking belt."

On what he would've like to do differently:

"Danny knock him the f*ck out, that's what Danny should have done - knock him the f*ck out. 'Cause [Thurman] was the favorite going in, everybody who favored him was on his motherfu*cking d*ck all the way down to his balls! They was sucking his penis from the top of the penis -- or a little d*ck probably. He ain't from Philly, he ain't got a big d*ck. You gotta be from Philly to have a big d*ck."

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