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Thurman-Garcia: Danny Garcia's post-fight press conference

Danny Garcia takes to the podium to give his immediate reaction about losing his title to Keith Thurman.

Danny Garcia:

"You know it was a tough fight, you know I came up short in the decision. I thought I pressed the fight, I thought I did enough to get the decision but, you know, only one judge had it my way and it is what it is. True champions bounce back. I take my defeats like I take my wins. It's a learning experience and it is what it is, what can I say?

"I could've threw a little more combinations instead of throwing one punch at a time but he was moving a lot and I didn't want to get caught reaching. I thought it was better to put a lot of foot pressure on him and try to close the distance and land some shots, which I did but, you know, he had a good game plan. It is what it is...

"I expected him to come in there and box, try to load up on some big punches...I took his best shot, he never hurt me, and maybe that's why he moved even more after that. But, you know, it is what it is. He won the fight, split decision, and the only thing I can do is bounce back.

"...I always fight to the end like a true champion, maybe [Thurman] did get tired [at the end of the fight], I was getting stronger as the fight went on. I felt like I started to control the pace of the fight, even though he was landing some good counter punches and moving but, I thought I did a good job.

"[Thurman is] strong but it wasn't nothing like to hurt me or something. He landed some good punches - I would say he's more fast than strong...

"My dad's always upset...he thought I won the fight, he was a little upset but I told him 'when you're a true champion you gotta take your defeats like your wins."

Angel Garcia:

"You can't win a fight running, bro. He hit Danny with a good short in the first, it was a good shot, Danny sucked it up and came back on the second, was there in front of him. Then he ran all the way from the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th. How you win the fight?! You gotta be kidding me, brother. This is a sport where you gotta do contact with the fighter, with the person in front of you. You just can't run. It's like when Lara and Canelo fought - the same thing - and they gave it to Canelo for being the aggressor.

"I'm not being a sore loser or nothing like that, but if he would've beat, he would've won, then I'd take my hat off and say 'good job, champion.' But you can't be a world champion like that, brother. You just cannot. And I'm not being a sore loser, I'm just disgusted with boxing right now. I want, really, Danny to retire today. I really want him to retire. Rematch, no, because we don't believe in that. The only one we gave a rematch to was Morales.

"I don't think we should get a rematch with him, we should start all over if Danny wants to do it, but the advice I give him as a dad - we no stepping stone to nobody. We ain't no stepping stone!"

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