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Thurman-Garcia: Keith Thurman's post-fight press conference

Keith Thurman shares his thoughts after becoming a unified welterweight champion.

"That was a great fight, right?...Look man, I told him ahead of time 'you fought Khan, he can box. You fought Matthysse, he can punch. But you never fought someone that can box and punch at the same time.' People forget boxing is a sport. And sports are scored on a points system, right? Now fight fans love to see a tremendous fight and sometimes when you come to a boxing match you do get that - you get what you want, you get what you desire. But sometimes you see boxing. Boxing is an art, I finessed my way to victory.

"I told you that my defense and my accurate punching is what made me victorious, it was a small margin, but it still made me victorious over Shawn Porter. Danny, we believed that we took a big lead, we hit him with big punches early on, and he had this awkward movement about him, he had this awkward way that he wanted to counter me, I was aware of his counters. I told you guys that he throws wide, I want to throw wide too, I wanted to show him 'you swing, I swing - batter up'...He swung, but he ain't hit no home run. I swung, I didn't hit no home run. But, overall, I landed more punches.

"There were a few rounds where his aggressiveness and lack of my output may have won him some rounds. But, in the same essence, I can use that same boxing style, up my work rate, and there are rounds where for every one punch I was landing two to three punches in return. And I knew I was winning those rounds.

"He didn't like my movement, and I understood that. And I told you guys, once again, that I'ma treat him like a computer. We're gonna copy and paste whatever's working...He didn't like the different angles, he didn't like the elevation of the head, he constantly was trying to go to the body - constantly going to the body because he couldn't hit me in the head. And when he swung at the head, I ducked. I made him miss.

"I used my jab a lot. His eyes were very good, I was actually impressed with the way he was able to read. I mixed stuff up, changing the jab into a hook, and it was effective sometimes, but due to his lean back and his understanding of distance, sometimes I was missing as well...

"Danny Garcia did challenge me today, but I passed. He did not pass the Keith Thurman test. Shawn Porter did not pass the Keith Thurman test. We are 28-years-old, [28] wins, 22 by way of knockout...I love the world of boxing...It was an honor and blessing to be apart of boxing history today and have a tremendous world champion like Danny Garcia as my opponent."

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