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Bob Arum 'disgusted' by Thurman-Garcia fight

The Top Rank promoter wasn't fan of what he saw last weekend.

Bob Arum talks to Marcos Villegas of FightHub about the Keith Thurman vs. Danny Garcia title unification this past Saturday. Here's what he had to say about his thoughts on unifying welterweight titles:

"That's totally for boxing schmucks. It means nothing to me. I mean when two guys get in a ring and they have a big audience because it's on network television and they fight, each of them, the most cautious fight I've ever seen - who the hell cares about unification, no unification!

"I mean I go from an era where Hearns and Leonard fought and boy they didn't hold back. They let go, both Tommy and Ray. And that's what fighters owe to the public - not to fight these bullshit cautious fights where nothing happens and their sort of boring. And the worst is it's [huge] platforms. So there were millions of people watching two guys who were more cautious than your neighborhood banker...I just was disgusted."

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