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Arum lists three potential opponents for Terence Crawford, gives update on Nonito Donaire

Bob Arum talks about what could be next for Terence Crawford and mentions Nonito Donaire now being a free agent.

With Terence Crawford slated for a May 20th return against an opponent to be determined, Top Rank promoter tells FightHub who is on the shortlist for Crawford:

"Well I think that we have three guys in the running for it, there may be more but three guys my matchmakers have mentioned. One is the African kid that's number one in the [WBC] - I forget his name. Amir something or other [Amir Imam - who was actually born in Albany, NY]...We're gonna have to fight him eventually. The other is [Adrian] Granados who had a good fight. And the third is Felix Diaz.

"[Diaz] is a tough kid but he makes boring fights. [Against Sammy Vasquez] was the one fight he had that was a good fight. But usually he's a stinker, fights from the outside. But Terence will fight anybody."

On what's the status with Nonito Donaire:

"We had nothing big for him and so he's gone to the Philippines and is gonna make a deal with a Philippine network to fight over in the Philippines - that's what I believe."

On if that means Donaire is now a free agent:

"Yeah, we told him that he could do that because when we have something for him, either against Valdez or Magdaleno, you know later on, then he can come back and we'll offer him the fight. But we don't have a fight for him in the interim for the purses that he's used to."

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