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Froch: Klitschko realizes Joshua is his defining fight

Carl Froch expects Wladimir Klitschko to give his best effort in his upcoming title fight with Anthony Joshua.

"I think the fight is harder than I originally thought. I think Klitschko now realizes this is his defining fight. After losing to Tyson Fury in such a stinker, 'cause that's what it was, you know, Tyson Fury got in there and it was a messy, awkward, horrible affair, but he did what he had to do to win.

"And I don't it sits well with [Klitschko]. He's had a fantastic career, he's has so many fights, so many wins, and to be beaten in the way he was beaten in Germany - I think he's disgusted with himself. And I think he wants to put that right and that's gonna be bad news for Joshua...It's gonna be harder than what I first thought.

"...Joshua's not really got any names on his record, I mean Dillian Whyte hurt him with that left hook and since then he's boxed Charles Martin for the title. Charles Martin, I don't want to criticize any fighter 'cause all fighters deserve respect, but he's not done anything before or since, and then [Joshua's] recent win against Molina - I mean Molina just came and sat behind that shoulder and jab and just waited to get knocked out. He was just waiting to get knocked out and that's what happened. Dominic Breazeale as well, he came and he had a go, to be fair to Breazeale, he was tough, he took his licks, he stood in front of could see he was game but when the mind is willing and the physical body isn't able or capable there's nothing you can do, so it wasn't for not trying, the will was there, but he just didn't have it.

"So Joshua's not really fought anybody, or gives me confidence that says he can go in there and beat Klitschko. I know he can go in there and beat Klitschko because I've been around him for the last 6, 7 years...and I've seen him take his licks, and I've seen him get hurt as well in sparring, I've seen him come back and finish the spar stronger. I've seen him come back the next day and dominate the same spar so I know what he can do. But we need to see it against a credible opponent, somebody like Klitschko, who I'm guilty of saying he's 41-years-old, he's been out of the ring two years, he's past his best, but I do think that something's been reignited inside Klitschko and I think we're gonna see the best last of him."

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