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Kovalev: Ward not a real champion in my eyes

Sergey Kovalev reflects on his first fight with Andre Ward as he looks forward to the rematch.

In this video interview with FightHub, Sergey Kovalev talks to Marcos Villegas about what he's hoping to get out of his rematch with Andre Ward. Check out what he had to say...

On how he feels about getting a chance to vindicate himself against Ward:

"I want to thank my God that he gave me this opportunity to get my belts back. And I'm very happy, really, and it's a great opportunity to prove for myself that I deserve these belts. And right now I want to prove to people who believed in his victory that they are wrong. I like disappointing people who don't believe in me. I turn them to my side after each fight."

On if he still considers himself undefeated since he strongly believes he beat Ward:

"You know for me record doesn't mean anything because I'm [not fighting] to keep this zero, like undefeated...It's the most important keep your zero in your ass than in the boxing record. [Editors Note: I think he meant "eyes"].

On why he wasn't able to finish Ward after the second round knockdown:

"My goal wasn't to knock him out because I felt like I can do boxing. Because like first round, I won clearly. Second round, I won clearly. No rush. If knockdown happens, relax and like still boxing - it will come again. But like in the fifth round happened what happened. You never know what will be on the left curve, second stop light, or right now behind this door...What's happening is happening for best in future. I believe in this.

On if he believes Ward isn't as good as people say he is:

"You know I overrated this guy before the fight really. When I got into the ring, I was like surprised. 'Why I did a lot of workouts for this fight? Why?' I could just get like one cigarette a day after dinner and like had more fun with my training camp. But, you know, it's experience. Experience is the best teacher...

"This loss showed me who is real around me. Believe me. When you have a belt a lot of people want to be with you and close with you. As right now, see, he has a belt and everybody around him. Because belts like a magnet. But it's not his belts. He's not a real champion - in my eyes, in my mind."

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