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Roach: Cotto can beat Golovkin just like how we beat Canelo

Freddie Roach talks to FightHub about Miguel Cotto's last year in boxing.

In this video interview with FightHub, trainer Freddie Roach talks about Miguel Cotto and what's next for him as he eyes retirement at the end of the year. Check out what he had to say...

On Cotto reportedly targeting a fight with Kamegai:

"Well, you know, I've watched Kamegai, I watched tape on him and so forth - unusual to find a 54-pounder from Japan, that big, but I did train a cruiserweight champion once there before so they do have big people there...It's a good fight, he's 32-2, he's got a great record, he's a bit of a challenge, yes, and we'd like to get one more fight after that and who that will be I'm not sure yet but I hear guys like Triple G out there looking for a fight and I don't think he looked that good in his last fight, I think he got exposed a little bit.

On a lot of fans believing a Cotto-Golovkin fight would be a terrible match-up for Cotto:

"I would love to see that fight, and that would be our last fight together because he told me this is his last year fighting and you know he's been boxing a long time and wants to spend more time with his family and so forth. He's been pro for like 17 years now, so that would be a great fight for me. I would love that fight."

On if he's judging that based on the Golovkin-Jacobs fight:

"Jacobs and before. He was slowly slowing down and getting a bit older. Yeah, he's my friend, he's a good guy and all that and I know he's a good puncher, yes, but the thing is I think I have the better boxer and I think we can beat him like we beat Canelo. And I still say we beat Canelo and I still say Canelo owes us the fight but he won't fight us. Why? Come on, Canelo. Come to the table."

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