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Berto vs. Porter: Welterweight Title Eliminator

Showtime Sports releases its promotional video for Andre Berto vs. Shawn Porter.

Shawn Porter:

“There’s a feeling of satisfaction, it’s really indescribable. That feeling that you get from winning, from conquering, from achieving your goal - I didn’t get that feeling in those fights. Kell Brook, Keith Thuman, they both could’ve gone the other way and I just wonder where I would be, where would I be right now had I won those fights?

“My entire life my dad always taught us to keep movin’ because there’s always something bigger and better. No matter what you do, you can always do it better. Those were even through the wins. So the losses I take the same way.”

Andre Berto:

“You know I came up pretty fast and I didn’t really take the sport as seriously as as I needed to ‘cause I was feeling invincible - world champion, millions of dollars. And I go into training camp three or four weeks before a fight, drop all the weight real quick. I just did a lot of foolish things, man. And that when that down slope came and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

“Everything that I’ve encountered in this fight game has been in the public eye. They seen me fall. They seen me get knocked down. They seen me getting embarrassed, getting my eyes swelled up. They seen me go through all that shit. Now they continue to see me bite down and, you know, fight my way back up.

“I think this is a must win for both of us. You take these type of challenges or you gonna have to fall back and just like disappear in the darkness. Never count me out, I always come back. There’s nothing I won’t give up for those 12 rounds.”

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