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Adrien Broner’s arrest footage

Check out the body cam footage of Adrien Broner’s latest run-in with the boys in blue.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

The Covington Police’s video footage of Adrien Broner’s arrest for failing to appear in court has been released and widely circulated. TMZ, naturally, has a good copy of the footage so I’ve posted it above.

Here’s a short transcript of what transpired...

[Broner]: “Ya’ll can recite me for this lil’ warrant, man.”

[Officer 1]: “We can’t. It’s the state of Kentucky.”

[Broner]: “So what we gotta do?”

[Officer 1]: “You gotta go do, probably an hour.”

[Broner]: “For what though?”

[Officer 2]: “You have a warrant.”

[Broner]: “And I just got shot at, man!”

[Officer 2]: “But you don’t know nothing about that, right?”

[Broner]: “I swear to God I don’t. I don’t...”

[Officer 2]: “But we got Cincinnati looking into it though.”

[Broner]: “Hold up, listen, listen, listen. I’ma go...I’m complying with you guys...can he please come over here so he can help me?”

[Officer 1]: “How about this? We get you in handcuffs...”

[Broner]: “No, no, no. Don’t do that. Please, can he please come over here?”

[Officer 1]: “No...Come on.”

As Broner gets cuffed he shouts to a friend across the street...

[Broner]: “Aye Six-Four. Bruh, they taking me to jail bruh...that same warrant bruh. From wayyy back. 2014 bruh. Wit Ashley bruh. Call Arie if you ain’t got it bruh. Please bruh...Yes, when I was outside the hotel. Mis-orderly conduct, I think.”

[Officer 1]: “Disorderly conduct.”

[Broner]: “Disorderly conduct! Nah I just almost got killed and now they taking me to jail...Aye, come get me outta jail bruh.”

As the officers pat down Broner, preparing to place him in the back of the police cruiser...

[Broner]: “I ain’t do nothin’ illegal ya’ll ain’t gotta check me...I got two guns on me man, that’s my arms, man. That’s what I do for a livin’.”

[Officer 1]: “(Laughs) I like it.”

[Broner]: “Come on, man. I’m rich. I don’t give a f*ck about nothinnnn’. B*tch a** n*ggas tried to kill me, man. Broke a** n*ggas, man. F*ckin’ millionaire, I don’t give a f*ck about none of these n*ggas, I’m gone...

“I’ma get in the car. I ain’t runnin’.”

[Officer 2]: “We gotta keep the handcuffs on.”

[Broner]: “Brother to brother, man. I’m not runnin’ no where.”

[Officer 1]: “I understand but that’s policy, bud.”

[Broner]: “Man, I’m a celebrity bruh. Ya’ll really gonna hurt my hands like this and I fight in June?...I ain’t runnin’ no where, I’m rich as f*ck!”

Moments later Broner’s phone starts ringing as the officers are still trying to get Broner in the back of the cruiser...

[Officer 1]: “You want me to turn this off?”

[Broner]: “Nah, who is that?”

[Officer 1]: “Cuz...who is it?”

[Broner]: “That’s just my baby. That’s one of my girlfriends.”

[Officer 1]: “(Laughs) I ain’t answering for one of your girlfriends.”

[Broner]: “Nah, that’s my second wife.”

[Officer 1]: “You got two wives?”

[Broner]: “Yes!...This sh*t crazy, man. I ain’t did sh*t, man.”

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