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Jermall Charlo: I'ma whip both Golovkin and Jacobs!

Jermall Charlo, who has just moved up to middleweight, has some strong opinions about the competition at 160.

In this short video interview with FightHub, Jermall Charlo talks briefly about moving up to middleweight where some tough fights await and what might be in store for him for his next run at a world title. Check out what he had to say. It was pretty short and sweet...

Jermall Charlo on what's next for him:

"I'm going up to 160 to kick some mo' ass."

On what he thought of the GGG-Jacobs fight:

"It was a good fight. A lot of people watched it. Personally I thought Danny Jacobs did an outstanding job. GG, he neutralized Danny, he made it a closer fight than it was but I had Danny winning, slightly, by a round but, you know, it is what it is. I'ma whoop both of they ass."

On if he wants the winner of Canelo-Chaver Jr. next:

"Man, fuck both of 'em. I'll holla at ya'll later."

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