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Saunders erupts during Khurtsidze press conference

Billy Joe Saunders loses his temper...

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

During a press conference announcing the upcoming Billy Joe Saunders vs. Avantadil Khurtsidze title fight July 8, things got heated rather quickly. Here’s how the evens unfolded...

Trainer Andre Rozier talking about the Saunders-Khurtsidze fight:

“When I was fighting I was a southpaw fighter, and [Saunders] needs to be fighting so he can stay sharp and relevant. He’s a world champion but if you don’t stay busy, you get rusty. If you get rusty, then you lose. And that’s the bottom line. So I’d actually like to see him stay busy so that when we do get in the ring with him, I don’t want anybody saying ‘oh, well you know he wasn’t boxing’ and this, that, and the other thing.

“I want him to be 150% because I notice in the article he stated that Danny showed him how to beat Golovkin and he has more in his arsenal than Danny does. And I say to that, since I did get the chance to see you tonight, if that’s the case, we can always get that dance going too. We have great middleweights and we’re looking forward to making sure that we get in the ring and take care of the business....”

Saunders, cutting in:

“Tell me this, is your man ready on July the 8th?”


“Of course! He’s ready right now. Do you want to fight him tonight?”

Saunders to Khurtsidze:

“Do you want to fight tonight?! Because I’ll tell you what I would do. No problem. I would fight tonight. No problem about that!


“He’s ready to go.”


“Yeah, so am I ready to go as well! Anytime. Would you wanna go today?!”



An agitated Saunders stands up from his chair:

“Would you want to go today?! Would you want to go today?! Would you want to go, yeah?!

“Listen, you Americans come over here talking shit...Your Danny DeVito here will get danced around and played with. Your man will get stopped in six round!...You see that big nose, it’ll get punched all over your face!...Hassan N’Dam in a wanker! And he beat you!”

From there things carried on for a little while. Check out the video above for the complete footage.

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