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De La Hoya questions Spence fighting Brook overseas

Oscar De La Hoya says he thinks it was a bad move to allow Errol Spence Jr. to fight Kell Brook in England.

In this media scrum caught by FightHub, Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya mentions Errol Spence’s upcoming title fight with Kell Brook in England, and explains why he thinks that’s a bad move.

De La Hoya on Spence taking on Brook in England:

“Errol Spence is flying overseas to fight Kell Brook...If I was his promoter I would’ve fought him here in the States. I mean, first of all...Errol Spence if probably the best fighter with that promotional company, uh, ummm, Premier Boxing. He’s the best guy they have and yet they’re sending him overseas? It doesn’t make sense.

“I mean, I would’ve built him here and create a superstar, you know, with Errol Spence. He’s an amazing fighter.”

On the potential dangers of the move to have him fight in England:

“Well they can take the fight away from him. They could, you know, something could happen. When you fight overseas something can always happen.”

On Gabe Rosado recently complaining about the same issue:

“I heard, yes, and that’s a perfect example of that. If you have a fighter like Errol Spence, you make sure you look out for his best interest. I mean, like I said, I can’t fight for him, but I can definitely take care of him and promote him the right way. But yeah, I wouldn’t of did that.”

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