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Wilder, Bellew get into argument

Deontay Wilder and Tony Bellew get into a verbal altercation.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In this video caught by FightHype, WBC heavyweight champion is spotted getting into a dust up with Tony Bellew. It’s not clear what prompted the exchange in the first place, but it carried on long enough to make a scene...

“You ain’t dealt with this power, though” Wilder says. “I guarantee you! I guarantee you on my mother, on my kids, you ain’t dealt with this power...You know what separates me from all other heavyweights? How I knock a motherf*cker out! Not only have I broke sockets, not only have I broke bones, but I done made em seize on the ground! I done made ‘em sat there, not even knowing.

“I’m not scaring nobody. I don’t scare people....because I like to whoop an ass that ain’t scared. I like to whoop a fresh ass. I don’t wanna whoop somebody that’s scared, you feel me.”

Bellew would respond to Wilder by saying “I have a better name on my record than yours [in reference to beating David Haye].”

“You happy for yourself?” Wilder shot back. “I promise you, stay in the heavyweight division. We will put you in like a gang, we’ll beat you in it! ‘Cause this division here is a different beast. It’s nothing like cruiserweight. The power is different.”

“Why didn’t you call David’s name?” Bellew asked Wilder.

“For what? I want champions!” exclaimed Wilder. “Didn’t you hear me say I wanna unify.”

Shortly after, and seemingly out of nowhere, Deontay Wilder’s younger brother chimed in to claim that Bellew couldn’t even beat him, which started off another exchange which I won’t bother getting any further into. Check out the video above if you want to watch the entire upheaval.

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