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Warren on GGG-Saunders: Golovkin’s team is claiming injury

Promoter Frank Warren says that Gennady Golovkin’s team has been claiming injury, holding up a unification fight with Billy Joe Saunders.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In this video interview with IFL TV, promoter Frank Warren discusses his plans for upcoming fights while touching on the status of a undisputed unification fight between Gennady Golovkin and Billy Joe Saunders (scrub to the 10:25 mark of the video to skip directly to this part).

Warren has gone on record over the past week or so saying their side is waiting for Golovkin to sign off on the deal for this summer, and here he talks about where things currently stand.

Warren on a potential unification fight between Golovkin and Saunders:

“I want to see Billy Joe Saunders get what he should be getting. He should’ve been fighting Golovkin. We want that fight, he wants that fight. You know, we had a contract there, sitting there, for the fight and it’s still sitting there on the table so we’ll have to see what happens with that.

On what the hold up has been on finalizing that fight:

“Well they’re saying at the moment, they’re saying that Golovkin’s injured. So we’ll wait and see where this is all going. But as far as I’m concerned we’ve agreed terms, so much so that we made an interim fight, we paid a guy to step aside to enable it all to happen. So we’ve done everything we can to deliver that fight and Bill deserves it. He’s been let down by, you know, dare I say the name Eubanks, all that [messing] around with him.

“And one thing about Bill, he’s got the pen in his inside pocket. He’s signed to fight anybody, has never been a problem with him. The one thing about Billy Joe Saunders, you’ve never had him saying he’s not going to fight. He’s the guy who always wants to fight.”

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