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Lomachenko vs Sosa: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Vasyl Lomachenko headlines a three-fight HBO card tonight.

Mikey Williams/Top Rank

Tonight at 10 pm ET on HBO, there will be a tripleheader of action from Oxon Hill, Maryland, featuring three medal winners from the 2012 Ukrainian Olympic boxing team, headlined by the return of pound-for-pound contender Vasyl Lomachenko.

Lomachenko (7-1, 5 KO) will defend his WBO super featherweight title against Jason Sosa (20-1-4, 15 KO) in the 12-round main event, a fight where Lomachenko is heavily favored, but is facing a tough opponent who’s on a good streak, with a pair of strong wins in 2016 behind him.

The WBO cruiserweight title will also be on the line as Oleksandr Usyk (11-0, 10 KO) faces 2012 U.S. Olympian Michael Hunter (12-0, 8 KO) in another 12-round bout. And in a light heavyweight contest, top prospect Oleksandr Gvozdyk (12-0, 10 KO) faces fringe contender Yunieski Gonzalez (18-2, 14 KO) in a 10-round fight.

We’ll be here with live coverage of all three fights. Wil Esco is on the round-by-round call. Join us!





OLEKSANDR USYK def. MICHAEL HUNTER by UD (117-110, 117-110, 117-110)




Round 1: Sosa comes out trying to apply pressure on Lomachenko. Lomachenko taps with a couple jabs as he looks to probe Sosa's defense. Lomachenko lands a nice left hand to the body, Sosa is keeping his guard up well and hasn't taken any clean shots to the head thus far. Lomachenko lands another left hand to the body. Both fighters accidentally clash heads and tap gloves as they acknowledge it wasn't intentional. Sosa falls short on a straight right hand. Nothing much of significance but Lomachenko takes the round. Lomachenko 10-9.

Round 2: Lomachenko comes out with a quick check right hook. Sosa tries to close the distance but Lomachenko's footwork is phenomenal so it's not going to be easy. Sosa lands a very low blow on Lomachenko, almost on the thigh. Sosa comes close on a counter right hook but it just misses. Lomachenko jabs to the body, steps over and then throws a left hand to the body. Sosa slips a couple jabs upstairs, Lomachenko lands another hard body shot, then a few more as he unleashes a combination. Lomachenko 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Lomachenko is using even more footwork than in the first two rounds to start, dancing around Sosa as he tries to press forward. Sosa lands a good uppercut to the body. Lomachenko gets Sosa in a clinch and walks him back to the ropes. Lomachenko gets warned by the referee for holding Sosa's head. Not much clean action this round but Lomachenko is in control. Lomachenko 10-9.

Round 4: Sosa tries a left hook to the body that misses. Now Sosa clips Lomachenko on the chin, his best punch of the fight. Sosa's left eye is starting to swell up already. Lomachenko pours on a combination while Sosa has to retreat. Sosa seems like he's starting to get overwhelmed by Lomachenko's boxing ability. Lomachenko steps over and touches Sosa with two hooks. Lomachenko ends the round with a flurry. Lomachenko 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Lomachenko lands a hard straight left right out the gate. Lomachenko pushes Sosa back with another straight left to the body, then follows it up with a dozen punches with Sosa along the ropes. The body punches are hurting Sosa as he takes a deep breath after the solid shots land. This fight is getting less and less competitive with each passing minute. Sosa is showing a lot of heart but he has nothing to offer Lomachenko. Lomachenko is really beating up Sosa now. Lomachenko 10-9.

Round 6: Sosa lands a right uppercut to the body. Now Lomachenko smothers Sosa's punches, steps back and lands a few of his own. Lomachenko is getting so comfortable he's starting to show off a little in the ring. Lomachenko attacks with a flurry of punches right after a break that catches Sosa off guard. Lomachenko continues to unload a series of punches, step over at an angle and throw a few more. Sosa walks right into a hard left hand. Lomachenko is putting on a boxing exhibition at this point. Lomachenko 10-9, 60-54.

Round 7: Lomachenko lands a hard body punch that hunches Sosa over momentarily. Now Sosa throws a shot that strays low, getting a warning from the referee. Sosa has visibly slowed greatly which is making this even more lopsided for Lomachenko. Lomachenko is having fun in the ring, smiling, moving, punching, and dodging. Lomachenko has Sosa on the ropes and unloads another series of punches. Sosa is taking some real punishment and looks about ready to go. Lomachenko 10-9.

Round 8: The compubox numbers are ridiculously lopsided to this point. Lomachenko touching Sosa to the head and body at will right now. Sosa can only manage to throw back the occasional counter punch in exchanges. Lomachenko lands a hard left hook to the body. Sosa appears to be hurt again, this might be about a good time to stop the fight. Referee is watching very closely as Sosa takes a couple dozen unanswered punches. Two hard hooks land to both sides of Sosa's body. Sosa makes it to the final bell but this would be a good time for them to stop the fight. Lomachenko 10-9, 80-72.

Round 9: Sosa's corner says this is the last round they're giving him unless he can turn things around. Sosa dancing around on the outside and Lomachenko looks almost empathetic for his opponent right now, taking his foot off the gas pedal. Lomachenko steps around Sosa and pulls back on a counter punch that he could've landed just to make a point. Now Lomachenko hits two hard body shots on Sosa. The bell rings and Sosa has absolutely nothing left. This fight should be ended right now. RIGHT NOW! And it is...Sosa's corner calls a stop to the fight. Lomachenko TKO-9.


Round 1: Gvozdyk comes out pumping a number of jabs. Then Gvozdyk changes the lead change into a left hook. Gonzalez throws two home run shots at Gvozdyk that fall short. Gvozdyk continues to jab and then surprise Gonzalez with quick left hooks. Gvozdyk controlling the action with his boxing ability on the outside. Now Gonzalez throws fourt hard shots and lands a couple. Gvozdyk 10-9.

Round 2: Gvozdyk throws a left jab, right hand, and then a left hook to the body. Gonzalez still looking to land a hard punch to shake up Gvozdyk but hasn't landed it just yet. Now three hard shots to the body lands for Gonzalez. Gvozdyk goes back to combination punching which knocks Gonzalez off balance momentarily. Gvozdyk lands a short left hook. It's clear Gonzalez can't box with Gvozdyk on the outside. Gvozdyk 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Gvozdyk comes out again flashing good hand speed, jabbing, hooking, and moving around the outside of the ring. Gonzalez gets a left hook in but Gvozdyk takes it well. Gvozdyk lands a couple clean jabs and then a hard hook that drops Gonzalez. Gonzalez beats the count and comes forward but his legs aren't steady. Gvozdyk lands another hard shot which shakes up Gonzalez even more. Gonzalez hits the mat as the two get in close quarters but it's ruled a push. Gonzalez is in bad shape here as he has no legs or balance. The referee should probably wave this off now. Gonzalez gets dropped again and his cornerman immediately steps on the apron to call off the fight. Gvozdyk TKO-3.


Round 1: Usyk comes out to center ring as both fighters jockey for position. Hunter lands a jab between Usyk's split guard. Hunter tries a few jabs to the body. Hunter Throws another kab to the body and lands. Usyk seems content to be very conservative in the opening round, not asserting himself yet. Usyk lands a counter straight left. Hunter throws a combination to the head and body. Hunter flashes some nice head movement, evading a few Usyk jabs. I think this is a good round for Hunter. Hunter 10-9.

Round 2: The southpaw Usyk comes out behind a tight guard and applies pressure to Hunter. Hunter lands a right land to the head, then the body. Hunter lands another straight right to the body. Hunter throws three punches as the fighters get close inside. Usyk still seems to be conservative and really hasn't gotten anything going yet. Another body punch seems to stray low this time for Hunter, but the referee doesn't say anything. Usyk counters with a right hook. Hunter 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Hunter tries a right hook to the body that's partially blocked. Usyk tries a left hand counter downstairs. Right hand to the body lands for Hunter, then another one. Hunter brrings a right hand to the head this time and then steps off to the side. Now hunter throws a combination, ending with a left hook to the body. Hunter lands another left hook. Now Usyk lands three hard punches in combination. I still think Hunter wins the round. Hunter 10-9.

Round 4: Hunter looks like he's picking up his work-rate now. Hunter lands a right hand to the body after a measuring right jab. Usyk charges forward with three body shots. Usyk lands three more. Hunter tries a left hook upstairs. Usyk lands a hard left and right hook that wins the round for me. Usyk 10-9, 37-39.

Round 5: Usyk has a noticeable bruise on the outside of his right eye. Accidental low blow lands on Usyk which causes a momentary break in the action as Usyk is allowed to recover. Hunter letting go shots, even if all of them don't have a lot of pop on them. Usyk goes back to a high guard and catches a few shots on his glovers. Hard left hand lands for Usyk and then a nice body shot shortly after. Now Usyk is starting to land some punches on Hunter in succession. Hunter goes back to the body and Usyk retaliates with some hooks to the head. Another solid straight left lands for Usyk. Usyk 10-9.

Round 6: Usyk lands a straight left to the body. Hunter needs to turn the momentum back around quickly because Usyk was starting to get off in the last round with some serious shots. Hunter tries to counter Usyk's jab with straight right hands over and over again, with varying degrees of success. Hunter pokes Usyk with a jab but takes a harder one back. Referee calls a time out as the was something in the ring that he kicks out. Time back in and Usyk throws a hard left hook. Another straight left lands for Usyk. Usyk 10-9, 57-57.

Round 7: Usyk pressures Hunter to the ropes. Now Hunter pushes him back by popping a number of stiff jabs. Now Hunter has Usyk on the ropes and throes a three punch combination. Nice right to the body lands for Hunter. Now Usyk comes forward with two hard punches, then an uppercut. Counter right hand lands for Hunter. Usyk goes back down stairs with a left hand. Hunter stabs Usyk with a body shot but Usyk immediately comes back with a hard shot to the head that snaps Hunter's head back. Close round but I think Usyk did more damage. Usyk 10-9.

Round 8: Hunter comes out and lands a left jab. Usyk lands an uppercut to the body that backs Hunter off. Usyk lands another straight left to the body. Now Usyk lands a flurry of punches which has Hunter all on the defensive. Usyk's harder punches look like their staring to take a toll. Usyk 10-9, 77-75.

Round 9: Hunter lands a right hook without much leverage. Hunter going back to the jab to try to keep distance on Usyk because when they get close he doesn't have the firepower to go toe-to-toe with Usyk at this point. Hunter lands two jabs on Usyk. Usyk continues to pressure Hunter, walking forward with his hands held high. Now Usyk jabs back at Hunter. Usyk throws three punches, landing a solid left hook. Hunter can't seem to stem the tide. Usyk 10-9.

Round 10: Hunter comes out with a jab and then tries to pivot. Hunter sneaks in a straight right hand. Hunter tries another one but Usyk pulls back off the punch. Usyk throws a hard left hand to the body, then lands a left uppercut to the body. Hunter seems like he's stuck in mud after the body shots. Usyk tries to turn up the pressure with punches. We might be close to a stoppage now. Usyk continues to pour it on with non-stop punches for about 20 seconds. Now Hunter tries to throw some punches back but he looks like he has little left by way of stamina. Usyk 10-9, 97-93.

Round 11: Usyk lands a couple hard jabs on Hunter. Hunter tries to come forward with a jab then an uppercut but can't get them to land cleanly. Usyk continues to stalk Hunter, applying a lot of pressure. Usyk jabs and goes back downstairs with another body shot. Hunter tries his own body shot but pays for it with a combination coming back from Usyk. Usyk lands another hard straight left but then backs off for the final bell. Usyk 10-9.

Round 12: Hunter pops Usyk with a jab and Usyk pretends like it hurt him. Usyk tries to close the distance on Hunter and then lands a hard left hand which has Usyk going on all-out attack. Hunter takes a hard left which makes him fall into the ropes which makes the referee give him a standing 8-count. Hunter is on shaky legs but somehow is still standing up. Usyk continues to try to get the stoppage but Hunter makes it to the final bell. Usyk 10-8. BLH scores it for Usyk, 117-110.

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