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Klitschko: Joshua can be a CrossFit champion but boxing is the sweet science

Wladimir Klitschko suggests Anthony Joshua's big muscles aren't going to win the fight for him, that's why boxing is the sweet science.

In this video interview caught by FightHub, Wladimir Klitschko talks about how he views his upcoming fight with IBF champion Anthony Joshua....

"AJ has a lot of energy. He's young, he wants to expose it...He has these big muscles thats bring him confidence and he just wants to demolish people right in front him. That's what it is, it gives him a lot of confidence. But do you hear about boxing, is a sweet science? Otherwise Johnny would have done the same thing, he would've been pumped up like that and that's it. Every other person would have got this muscles and gives you confidence and you really can smash a few, you know, hit the heavy bag or like person in front of you.

"But boxing is sweet science. It's very, the ice is thin, and the most vicious boxers were conquered...One more time, I have a lot of respect for Anthony and what he is doing. His commitment, his physical ability, he can box, he can lift weights, he can be strong, he can train. He can be a CrossFit champion, actually. CrossFit world champion. I think he has great capability of it. He's capable, he can do it. And CrossFit has became really popular, right? A lot of boxers doing it but CrossFit is not boxing..."

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