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Lampley: Anthony Joshua may become bigger star than Canelo Alvarez

HBO's Jim Lampley gives his take on Anthony Joshua's rising popularity.

HBO broadcaster Jim Lampley talks to FightHub about Anthony Joshua's fast-rising profile and says that he may eclipse Canelo Alvarez as the biggest star in the sport soon. Check out what he had to say....

On the Joshua-Klitschko event:

"90,000 people! You can't beat 90,000 people and when the fight, you know, was finally stopped and Joshua got that victory I think you probably could've heard that roar in Scotland. It'll be a long time before I'm going to feel something like I felt that Saturday night."

On if he'd like to see a rematch of that fight:

"Well emotionally, you know, and I've known Wladimir a long time, we're friends and I like him, and my emotional response is to say that he could never endear himself to fans more than he did [a couple weeks ago]. That was a triumph for Wladimir because he showed the courage and the dynamism and the self-belief that a lot of people have thought all these years was lacking. He kept getting up when he was knocked down by a colossal talent - I mean Joshua's a colossal talent - and if you were there to watch the way Joshua came into the ring in the beginning and stood there and surveryed the crowd and looked across at Wladimir and had this look on his face like 'I was made for this', it was spectacular. It was unforgettable and I think he's an amazing talent who could rule the heavyweight division for a long, long time and give us a lot of memories. You know, it's too much to say 'the British Joe Louis' but he has that kind of talent."

On if he thinks Joshua will surpass Canelo as a star attraction:

"Canelo comes from Mexico, and Mexico is the most rabid boxing culture in the world and has a larger population than the UK. But right now the UK is the hottest boxing culture in the world in terms of how many great competitors they have and how the fans are responding to it. 90,000 people in Wembley Stadium. They probably could've sold 150,000 tickets if they had wanted to. So Canelo's a giant star, Joshua may turn out to be a bigger star - he's a heavyweight.

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