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Camp Life: Terence Crawford, Pt. 1

Top Rank provides a behind the scenes look at Terence Crawford’s training camp.

Today Top Rank has released its first installment of Camp Life: Terence Crawford. The video feature on the junior welterweight titlist shows he as he prepares to make his next title defense against Felix Diaz.

“I dont look at my team as a team, we all family” - Terence Crawford

The opening scene shows Crawford getting up in the morning as he prepares for a day of training, with his family and training team in tow. Crawford, unlike most fighters, keeps his family close by during training camp, with his children being regular fixtures in the gym. Crawford and his girlfriend also go on to talk about the close relationship their children have with all of his coaches, which makes them a tight knit unit.

The next segment covers Crawford as he takes run through the mountains on a cold, snowy morning. When asked why he opted to brave the elements when he could’ve just as easily ran on the treadmill indoors, Crawford responds:

“Running outside this morning was already on the schedule. It’s mountain day - we gotta run the mountain. So be it.”

For Crawford, it’s all just about a state of mind...

“It may be cold outside but you kinda tune that out...A lot goes through your mind when you’re running, especially when you’re tired - that’s when the fight comes into play. You got two more rounds, if you close to the finish line, you ain’t gonna give it up in two rounds so you gotta push through it...who want it more, you or him?”

The last portion of the video focuses on Crawford at the gym, and all the distractions that come along with having his family with him — but for Crawford it simply serves as motivation and a reminder about what he works so hard for.

Terence Crawford puts his 140lb titles on this line against Felix Diaz this Saturday on HBO.

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