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Roach worried about how well Chavez Jr. will make weight

Freddie Roach gives his impressions on this weekend's fight between Canelo Alvarez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Roach on if he can envision Chavez Jr. imposing his size on Canelo to wear him out late:

"Possibly...Chavez does look good and looks like he's in shape and he's there to fight. And there's so much at stake between these two guys... the winner will be a superstar in Mexico. And my biggest thing right now is do I take $1,000 and bet on Chavez to win $10,000? It might be worth it.

"Chavez is my friend, I trained him before, yes, and he didn't show up was a bad experience we had together and so forth...he wanted me to train him for this fight and I said 'well come here and I will train you' and he wanted me to go there and I said 'no, I'm not coming' because I can't guarantee that you're going to give me everything that you're supposed to. But the thing is he looks like he's giving everyone what they want, he's in shape and the weight's coming down and I'm just a little bit leery about how he's gonna feel making that weight because he still has about 8lbs to go I hear."

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