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Ray Beltran crushes Jonathan Maicelo with thunderous left hook

Ray Beltran showed tremendous one punch knockout power again tonight.

Ray Beltran v Arash Usmanee Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Ray Beltran put on a fantastic performance tonight, emphatically knocking out Jonathan Maicelo with a nasty left hook in the second round. The opening round, however, was one of the most bizzare scenes I’ve seen in quite some time.

In the opening frame Beltran and Maicelo clashed heads in an exchange which caused Beltran to hit the ground. The butt would cause cuts on both fighters, but the referee ruled it a legitimate knockdown. Then at the end of the first round Beltran dropped Maicelo with a hard punch, but the referee didn’t call it so.

In the second round Maicelo came out strong, going on attack, but for a split second Beltran caught an opening and landed a solid left hook that immediately knocked Maicelo out before he hit the canvas.

And that, folks, was all she wrote. Maicelo was motionless on the ground for a few minutes before ultimately being taken away on a stretcher.

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