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Broner gets 3 days in jail for contempt

Adrien Broner is back in the slammer...

Adrien Broner v Adrian Granados Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

Adrien Broner’s legal problems continue as he’s just been ordered to serve three days in a Kentucky jail for contempt of court, CBS reports. Broner plead guilty to a 2014 disorderly conduct charge outside a Kenton County bar, which carried no jail time, but because he failed to appear for several court dates, he was placed in cuffs and held on contempt charges.

For his transgressions a judge ordered Broner to spend the next three days at the Kenton County Detention Center, much to the chagrin of Broner who would post: “72 hours in jail I’m pissed,” on his since-deleted Instagram account.

So this is obviously more bad news for Broner, who had just recently been linked to a big summer fight with Mikey Garcia. If that fight does come to fruition, Broner will need to be in tip-top shape and have no distractions for what would be perhaps his toughest test to date. That seems unlikely, though, as “no distractions” doesn’t exactly fit within the Broner modus operandi.

But on the bright side, maybe now Broner will have the inspiration to remix his “slammer” freestyle.

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