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Khan unhappy with WBC’s decision to remove his mandatory status

Amir Khan is no longer the WBC’s mandatory challenger, and he’s not happy about it.

BT Sport Industry Awards 2017 Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images for Sport Industry Awards

Welterweight contender Amir Khan isn’t thrilled to learn the news that the WBC has decided to remove him as it’s mandatory challenger at welterweight, replacing him with new #1 contender Shawn Porter. Khan says he believes the decision to be unjustified, telling The Nation:

“I am a little upset but it just makes the division exciting. I know I can become world champion again, if not the WBC one then maybe in WBA by defeating Peterson, the belt I was deprived of though cheating.”


Khan had long been in position as the WBC’s mandatory challenger at welterweight, but when he had his chance to cash-in and get a rematch against Danny Garcia, he instead opted to jump up in weight to challenge Canelo Alvarez. That didn’t pan out so well for Khan, who would get iced in six rounds, and after the fight Khan said that he intended to return to welterweight.

“I don’t care about what big mouths are talking. I will prove in the middle of the ring that Khan is still the best and show my critics that I still have that knockout punch in me, which had laid down many in the middle of the ring.”

But following hand surgery, which has Khan on the shelf for several months, and his observance of Ramadan, which will keep him out over the summer, there’s been no real indication about when Khan will return to the ring.

Khan says he wants to fight again in November or Decemeber, but he’ll have to find a suitable landing spot with advisor Al Haymon first before any future plans are announced.

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