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De La Hoya expects 3M buys for Canelo-Golovkin

Oscar De La Hoya has some high hopes for this fall’s big fight.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In this video interview caught by FightHub, Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya talks about his expectations for this September’s Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin fight as he narrows down his list of potential venues.

De La Hoya on his opinion about the current state of boxing:

“With the heavyweight division being back with Anthony Joshua, you know with the Keith Thurman fight that was viewed by what, more that 5 million people on prime time TV, with Canelo-Chavez selling over a million homes — we’re expecting close to 3 million with Golovkin and Canelo in September. These are the types of fights that bring boxing back, and that’s exactly my mission - is to bring boxing back, bring back that excitement that people used to live for when watching boxing. So little by little we’re chipping that block and hopefully making it happen.”

On where Canelo-Golovkin will be held:

“It’s between Dallas and Las Vegas so I have my meetings set already, all this week and next week, and hopefully I can have an answer for you in a few days.”

On what will ultimately be the deciding factor in choosing a venue:

“What was that movie, ‘show me the money!’ [laughs]. No, no, it’s all about where the fans want it. I mean, look, we’ve been having polls on ESPN and all over on the web,on the internet, and it’s all about where the fans want it and a lot of fans are saying they want it in Dallas - it’s almost split right down the middle - a lot of people want it in Vegas because of the whole excitement and Vegas and the lights and action and so I have my work cut out but I’m sure I’ll decide on the perfect place for this fight.”

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