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Brook vs Spence: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Kell Brook takes on Errol Spence Jr in the main event from Sheffield.

Kell Brook & Errol Spence Press Conference Photo by Mark Robinson/Getty Images

Today at 5:15 pm ET on Showtime in the U.S., and with a full card starting at 1:00 pm ET on Sky Box Office in the U.K., Kell Brook will put his IBF welterweight title on the line against Errol Spence Jr in what is expected to be one of the biggest fights of 2017, live from Bramall Lane in Sheffield.

Brook (36-1, 25 KO) has never lost at welterweight, dropping his last fight when he moved up to middleweight and took on Gennady Golovkin. Spence (21-0, 18 KO) is considered by many to be the "next big thing" at 147 pounds, or perhaps in boxing overall.

This is a great matchup on paper that we hope will play out that way in reality, pitting two in-prime fighters for a major title in front of what should be a big and vocal crowd in Brook’s hometown.

On the undercard, George Groves (25-3, 18 KO) will face Fedor Chudinov (14-1, 10 KO) for the WBA super middleweight title.

Wil Esco will be here for the live round-by-round updates. Join us!



ERROL SPENCE JR. def. KELL BROOK BY KO (1:47 of Round 11)




Round 1: Both fighters come out sCenter ring, feinting and trying to get position. Brook attacks with three punches but Spence backs away. Cautious round from both fighters. Neither fighter leading much and both missing on their intermittent punches. Spence catches Brook with a left jab. Hard left to the body lands for Spence, best punch of the round. Fighters get tied up and Spence thats the opportunity get in a few body punches. Another left uppercut to the body lands for Spence. Brook gets a punch back. Close round but I think Spence landed the biggest punch of round. Spence 10-9.

Round 2: Spence comes out with two jabs, Brook returns the favor. Spence tries to counter Brook with body shots but Brook sneaks in a shot upstairs. Spence gets more physical when the fighters get in close quarters and Brook wants to tie up. Brook gets in a combination on Spence. Now Brook leads with a right hand . Spence catches Brook with a solid jab that gets Brook's attention. Spence continues to press forward but Brook is meeting him with punches, whether or not Spence blocks them. Spence gets in another few body punches at the end of the round. I think Brook nicks this one. Brook 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: Spence counters Brook with a hard left hand counter. Now Spence jabs Brook with a hard jab. Spence applying constant pressure on Brook and is backing Brook up at will. Now Spence is landing hard shots on Brook as he gets caught on the ropes. Now Brook turns the table and pivots to get Spence to the ropes and comes with and attack, but Spence gets him with a hard counter. Brook tags Spence now with a straight right to the body after catching him upstairs. This fight is just as competitive as it was billed to be! Damn these are hard rounds to score but I'm going with Spence for his aggressiveness and clean body punching. Spence 10-9.

Round 4: Hard left counter lands on Brook as he lands the initial jab. Spence gets Brook back on the ropes and hammers his body again with hard shots from both hands. Another left hand counter lands for Spence as Brook tries to jab. Brook walking forward and wants to fight more now, and Spence is happy to oblige. Brook lands a few body punches now and then a clean right hand. Spence looks like he's bleeding from the mouth. Hard chopping left hand lands for Spence as the fighters get in the pocket. I think Brook edges this round. Brook 10-9, 38-38.

Round 5: Brook walks for and tries to land a straight right hand on Spence. Spence comes back with a jab and then a straight left to the body. Hard right hook to the body lands for Spence, then Brook catches him with an uppercut. Both fighters landing clean shots in this fight. Spence catches a few shots on his arms and then strafes Brook with a body shot, to which Brook responds with a straight right to the head. Spence lands several hard punches in a five punch combination with Kell towards the ropes. That wins the round for Spence. Spence 10-9.

Round 6: Brook's trainer advises him to tie up Spence completely on the inside so not to let those body shots in . Brook stuns Spence! Then Spence comes back and attacks hard as to show that he wasn't really hurt! Spence using the jab upstairs with the straight left to the body to great effect in this fight. This final minute may decide who wins the round. Nice right hand to the body lands for Brook. A hard one-two counter lands for Spence! Now Brook tries to get it back. MY OH MY, THIS FIGHT WAS WORTH THE WAIT! I think Spence just edges it again but all of these rounds are close. Spence 10-9, 58-56.

Round 7: This fight is the most competitive of either fighter's career. Hard body combination lands for Spence. Now Brook attacks back and then smothers Spence in the corner. Brook lands a straight right hand lead. Spence lands a jab, Brook attacks with a few punches that gets Spence to the ropes. Now Brook is stalking Spence around the ring until he stops and lands an uppercut to the body at center ring. Brook tags Spence and then grabs the top rope to force the referee to call a break. Brook 10-9.

Round 8: Both fighters come out and tries to counter each others jabs. Soence getting in a lot of punches as Brook fails to tie up Spence's arms while looking for a break. Brook lands a couple clean straight rights to the head and gets Spence on the defensive along the ropes. Spence fights his way back off the ropes and starts walking Brook down. Can I just say that THIS is what boxing should be all the time! Spence catches Brook with a right hand and Brook's left eye appears to be swelling up. Hard left to the body land for Brook. Brook lands another right hand, then rushes Spence to the corner. Brook 10-9, 76-76.

Round 9: Brook strikes first to open the round. Now Spence gets in close quarters and throws several body punches that land on Brook. Referee calls a break to cut loose tape on Brook's glove. Ironically it's Brook's left eye that's looking to be be in bad shape, as opposed to the surgically repaired. one. He might want to order some more titanium. Hard left hands lands for Spence, then another one, then another one! Brook ties him up and walks him back to the ropes. Spence gets aggressive and he looks like he hurt Brook with a few shots! Now Brook is fighting back but this fight might be over. Brook's left eye is closed! Brook throws a couple to end the round but he's in bad shape! Spence 10-9.

Round 10: Brook looked like he was fading at the end of that round. Spence comes out on the attack, applying non-stop pressure now. Brook collapses to the canvas under fire! Brook beats the count and Spence comes on strong again! Brook is all done! He's showing heart, Brook digs deep and tries to fight back. But Spence is in much better condition at this point. Brook is taking a beating now along he ropes. Brook catches Spence with a clean right uppercut! FIGHT OF THE YEAR!!! I'M CALLING IT! Brook won't gibe up and comes forward with a right hand, showing some of the most courage I've ever seen! But that doesn't win rounds. Spence 10-8, 96-93.

Round 11: Referee calls another halt to cut loose tape on Brook. We're back at it and Spence is catches Brook with a right hook. Spence strafes Brook with another body shot, then a right hook upstairs. Now Spence is trying to pour it on . Brook ties up Spence and presses forward and catches Brook with a right hook to his left eye. The referee looks concerned and Brook takes a knee as his left eye is clearly bothering him. He might've just gotten his other eye socket broken. Referee waves off the fight after a 10-count. Spence KO-11.

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