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Canelo, Chavez Jr. weigh-in at 164lbs

Not only did Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. make weight today, he made a statement by coming in a half-pound under the limit.

We’re all set for tomorrow night’s fight between Canelo Alvarez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in Las Vegas. Both fighters just hit the scales in front of a packed crowd and met the contracted 164.5lb weight limit.

Chavez Jr. hit the scales first and not only did he meet the weight limit, which was a subject of much debate since the fight was first announced, he appeared to make a statement by coming in a half-pound under the limit, tipping the scales at 164lbs.

Canelo would take to the scales next, and would also officially weigh-in at 164lbs. Canelo looked to be in great condition, not having to cut as much weight as usual, and Junior, although slender, didn’t appear to be a complete zombie on the scales. He actually looked to be in pretty decent condition.

Both fighters went face-to-face for the final face off, and it was at this point it became clear that Canelo was much thicker in the torso than the slimmer Chavez Jr. Tomorrow might be a much different picture though, as both fighters will get the chance to rehydrate, and most everyone expecting Chavez Jr. to be the heavier man on fight night. But we’re officially good to go!

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