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Teddy Atlas: Golovkin's been sliding, Canelo's gotten better

Teddy Atlas gives his thoughts on Canelo-Chavez and Canelo-Golovkin.

On Canelo-Chavez Jr

"I thought what I thought it was gonna be, a one-sided fight. Chavez didn't deserve to get that fight. He got it because of his last name. Let's be honest. It's easy to be a Monday morning quarterback, I understand that, but I said that before the fight. People asked me when I got to Vegas, did I think this had a chance to be a completely one-sided fight. I said, yeah. A bad fight? Yeah. A non-competitive fight. Chavez ain't that good! I give him credit for things he's done, but he's three fights removed from quitting in a fight. He didn't earn -- from what he did in the ring he didn't earn the right for this fight, which usually fighters have to do. He got it because of his last name and because the promoters knew they could cash in on the great Latino market that would come out for it, because of the name."

On Canelo-Golovkin

"I think Golovkin's been sliding. I think Canelo's gotten better in the last couple years, and I think Golovkin's been sliding. But he's a big, strong guy, Golovkin. It's a closer fight now in my eyes than it was a year ago."

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