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Daniel Jacobs: I almost fell asleep during Canelo-Chavez

Daniel Jacobs talks Canelo-Chavez and gives his thoughts on the GGG fight.

On Canelo-Chavez

"It wasn't really entertaining. It was one-sided. I think either two things: Chavez wasn't what we thought he was, nearly a half of what we thought he was, or the weight might've played a factor in (Canelo) winning. I almost fell asleep in the fight. I love both fighters. Both guys are entertaining. They've been entertaining in their previous fights. But I'm sleepy, I'm ready to go home, man."

On Canelo

"He did what he had to do. I give him -- given the weight advantage, he couldn't really stop him. I knew he wasn't gonna stop him. But I gotta watch it thoroughly to give him an assessment. But he just dominated this guy. (Chavez) wasn't even fighting. He looked like he was just sparring. It was so corny."

On Canelo-GGG

"Interesting fight. I don't know. Questions about whether or not Canelo can take those shots, I think that's pretty much the deciding factor on whether Canelo will win the fight or not."

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