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Fury accuses UKAD of harassment

As Tyson Fury gets set for a hearing with the UK Anti-Doping Agency, he pleads his innocence.

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Terry Flanagan and Petr Petrov Public Work Out Photo by Mark Robinson/Getty Images

As former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury prepares to face the UK Anti-Doping Agency in a hearing about his failed drug tests prior to his fight with Wladimir Klitschko, Fury’s team believe that he should be exonerated from the traces amounts of nandrolone found in his system over two years ago.

Despite the banned substance appearing in a drug test that took place 26 months ago, Fury was still allowed to go forward in his fight against Klitschko where he won several world titles. And although he has to answer more questions about the drug tests in a formal proceeding, Fury remains adamant that he’s a clean athlete.

“I’ve never taken a drug in my life,” he told The Daily Telegraph.

Yes. That’s an actual quote.

“These people can say what they like but I’m suing them for what they have done to me. I have been messed about. They thought they had a villain and that they were going to take me down. I have been tested 50 to 60 times, sometimes three times in a week, blood and urine. This went on from way before the Klitschko fight.

“If I tested positive then why didn’t they ban me then? It never made any sense to me. I even had a meeting with them and they said I had nothing to worry about. Fifteen months later they say they are suspending my licence. None of it makes sense.”

Even more to Fury’s amazement, he’s continued to be drug tested as recently as just a few days ago, despite being an unlicensed fighter since getting suspended. Fury says he explained to UKAD that his license had been suspended by the British Boxing Board of Control but that they were insistent on testing him anyways.

Fury reckoned that the organization was perhaps just looking for an excuse to get him a lifetime ban so he allowed them to test him anyway, saying that he has nothing to hide, yet he still feels the treatment is akin to harassment.

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