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Robert Garcia warns Broner of Mikey’s power

Robert Garcia talks about the upcoming Adrien Broner-Mikey Garcia fight.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

The older brother and trainer of Mikey Garcia, Robert, talks to FightHype as the July 29 fight against Adrien Broner is officially announced. Check out what he has to say on the match-up and his brother’s underrated power.

On the Broner-Garcia fight:

“I’ve said it before, it’s not something I haven’t said, Maidana has told me that Broner’s the strongest guy he’s ever faced. He told us after the Mayweather fights that Mayweather’s nowhere near as strong as Broner. Broner’s very of course those are things that we have to prepare for.

“Skills-wise, Broner already felt Maidana and Maidana’s nowhere near Mikey’s skills. I think Broner already felt Maidana’s power too, and I truly believe that Mikey has more power than Maidana.

“...I’ve had a guy that was sparring Mikey a few weeks back and he told me ‘Look, Robert, I’ma be honest, I’ve sparred Canelo before and Mikey hits harder than Canelo.’ Those are things that I don’t say, I’m not saying it — people might think ‘fuckin’ Robert’s stupid!’ — but it’s people telling me...

“...I could guarantee you that GGG hits harder than some — I’m not saying all — some heavyweights...Edwin Valero was a 135-pounder and he hit so hard that I’ll bet you that he hit harder than some middleweights. So why can’t people believe that Mikey hits that hard?”

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