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Kovalev: No choice but to end Ward’s career

Sergey Kovalev talks about his mindset as he enters this weekend’s rematch with Andre Ward.

In this video interview caught by FightHub, Sergey Kovalev talks about his big rematch this weekend against Andre Ward and what he needs to do to get the win. Check out some excerpts below along with the full video above...

Kovalev on his thoughts on the rematch:

“I will finish [Ward’s] boxing career because like, right now, I’m already in a corner and I don’t have like another way except like get a victory over’s a necessary victory.

On what goes through his mind when Virgil Hunter talks badly about him during the press conferences:

“Well...they can say everything, you know, because they are at home and they are speaking to public [in] their native language and for people with American [mentality]. But I will see how [they will talk] if they will be in my country, but they will never go to my country because Andre Ward is a hometown champion. He never fought out of the USA. Never - in the pros.

“Yeah, would champions should be fighting everywhere. Okay, I fought in your country, Las Vegas, ok, why you [don’t] want to fight in New York? No, they [don’t] want to fight in New York. They want to fight in Las Vegas again because like they have a big support, big support, there.”

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