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Joshua tells Fury to get fit, he’ll be waiting for him

Anthony Joshua says he’ll be ready to take on Tyson Fury once he’s back in shape as that’s the fight fans want to see.

Boxing at Wembley Stadium Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua and former titleholder Tyson Fury continue to go back and forth with each other in the media as they target a notable prizefight somewhere down the line. Obviously Fury has a lot to deal with before that can happen (dealing with failed drug tests and having his license suspended), but Joshua says he’ll be ready waiting for Fury...

Fury responded in this recent Instagram video by alleging that Joshua has been the beneficiary of “racial discrimination” as he was granted an exception to defend his IBF title while he himself was promptly stripped about a week after winning that very same belt. What are we in the Twilight Zone?!

As I remember that situation, the difference between the two was that Joshua actually went through the proper protocols to receive the exception, unlike Fury.

Fury also previously made it a point to say that he doesn’t think Joshua could even lace up his boots, to which Joshua has just responded on a Sky Sports appearance, saying:

"I don't think Tyson can lace his own boots at the minute! When Tyson is fit, when he's ready, we'll be ready.”

Joshua continued by mentioning that he’s patient, and isn’t in a rush for Fury to force himself back — wishing him all the best in his recovery — but says that he’ll always be willing to make that fight happen because of the demand.

"I'll always fight Tyson Fury, not because of the 'lineal champion' business. But because the public want to see it. I fight for entertainment, not for belts or glory. Just pure entertainment and passion."

In the interim Joshua waits on Wladimir Klitschko’s decision about whether or not he’ll enforce his immediate mandatory rematch clause, paving the way for the two heavyweights to meet once again in another big fight.

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