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Amir Khan attacked in road rage incident

A wrong turn in his luxury truck prompted a group of men to attack and chase Amir Khan in his hometown of Bolton.

Amir Khan Media Day Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

Amir ‘King’ Khan apparently isn’t royalty in his hometown of Bolton, England. The Daily Mail reports that the boxer was attacked and chased through the streets after he made a wrong turn in his custom Range Rover which caused a collision with the driver behind him. The two parties would then confront each other over the accident, a confrontation that would turn ugly...

Reports state that several men would descend upon Khan with at least one of them punching the former champion. Here’s a statement from a Greater Manchester Police spokeswoman, who had this to say on the incident:

“We were called to reports of road rage incident/assault.

“It appears the person driving has made a wrong turn and this has angered the person behind them and there's been an altercation.

“The driver of the first car was punched. There were no arrests. Anyone with information should contact us.”

The driver of the first car would, of course, be Amir Khan, who after being attacked is said to have been chased through the streets by the gang of men until he was able to call local police.

If this story sounds strangely familiar, it’s because it’s very similar to a 2012 incident that involved Amir Khan, his brother Haroon, and his Range Rover. In that instance six men attacked Khan while attempting to steal his vehicle, but Khan and his brother were able to successfully fight off the offenders. Unfortunately, Khan didn’t have Haroon along with him this time...

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