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Dana White confirms financial penalty if McGregor goes all MMA on Mayweather

There are serious financial ramifications for Conor McGregor should decide to go for that roundhouse kick against Floyd Mayweather.

This news could be a little heartbreaking for those of you holding out a glimmer or hope that the spectacle of Mayweather-McGregor gets exactly what it deserves should Conor McGregor stray from Marquess of Queensbury rules.

In this media conference call captured by FightHype, ESPN reporter Dan Rafael asks UFC’s Dana White if there is any specific language in the contract that would make McGregor pay a hefty price should he opt to throw a kick, elbow, or Vulcan death grip at Floyd Mayweather in the heat of battle.

“That will not happen!” White said during the conference call. “First of all, obviously, that is absolutely in the contract, number one. And number two, this is a boxing match under the Nevada State Athletic Commission, under the rules of boxing, and I mean, when you talk about a guy of Floyd Mayweather’s level and value in the sport and things like that, I mean, the lawsuit if that ever happened would, you know - Conor likes money, man, and Conor would [part with a lot of money] if that were to ever happen. So, yeah, that will not happen!”

That’s sort of a bummer and dampens any thought of the ‘unknown factor’ leading into this fight...

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