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Amir Khan explains what happened during road rage incident

Khan gives his account of what happened when he was attacked by men on the road.

Amir Khan hops on video chat with TMZ to explain what happened during his recently reported road rage incident. Khan would be attacked by a number of men, three by his count. Three envious fellows would would've gotten what was coming to them had this not been a holy month...

Khan on what happened during the incident:

"I think it was just, uh, verbal things were said. I mean through the window - I was driving. These young lads saying stuff at me...there were three of them, but tried to attack me but obviously nothing happened. And the whole street kinda stopped, people recognized me and recognized my car also, and I thought this is embarrassing that I'm even out here, should've stayed in the car.

"And obviously, look, I'ma fighter, you know what I mean, I obviously didn't want to throw punches back because I can definitely hurt someone quite badly. I was on my own and stuff, but then you know, I just walked away being the bigger man. I mean, I was raging, I was really angry but I just decided to put my head down and walk away because I thought 'I got more to lose being a world champion boxer and everything else.

"I would've definitely hurt them and my hands are my weapons, really. They're weapons, you know, me being a fighter and so, I'm glad I did walk away and that nothing happened. That no one was seriously injured."

On if he thinks his assailant's knew he was Amir 'KING' Khan:

"Oh yeah, 100%...They knew who I was. I think that's what one of the reasons that they, um, were kinda a little bit verbal - because of who I am. You know you're gonna get that a lot, a lot of high profile people get that and I think they just want to prove a point probably. A little jealousy as well.

"Obviously it's the month of Ramadan. I think it would've been different if it wasn't the month of Ramadan. You know I am fasting and everything and it's a holy month. I'm a Muslim and imagine it wasn't this month and this situation happened."

On if his assailaints were physically imposing:

"No. Nah, nah, nah. It would've been a mismatch even though there was three of them and I was on my own."

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