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Jim Lampley breaks down Mayweather-McGregor using CompuBox

HBO commentator Jim Lampley explains why Floyd vs. Conor is even a bigger mismatch than he originally thought.

In this video interview with FightHub, HBO’s Jim Lampley talks to Marcos Villegas about his thoughts on the Mayweather-McGregor fight. Lampley breaks it down and uses CompuBox statistics to explain why this bout will be a dull, terrible mismatch.

On Mayweather-McGregor being slated announced for Aug. 26:

“Well the promoters of the Mayweather-McGregor event obviously saw the possibility of taking a bite out of [Ward-Kovalev 2] and another HBO PPV that takes place September 16th, and that’s the only reason that they would’ve chosen a totally counter-intuitive pay-per-view date like August 26.

“If you look at the history of pay-per-view, and you’re looking for a date that previously would not have been chosen for pay-per-view, the last weekend of the summer, prior to Labor Day, is a perfect example of something that nobody would ever choose unless they had some specific reason to do so. So the only reason the Mayweather-McGregor event is taking place on August 26 is because Kovalev-Ward was this weekend and even more so because Gennady Golovkin if fighting Canelo Alvarez on September 16 on HBO PPV and the people who are involved in Mayweather versus McGregor wanted to blunt that, hurt it, hurt the buy rate.

“And by the way, I think that by choosing that path they’ve hurt the buy rate for both events because the buy rate for Mayweather-McGregor would be much larger if it were taking place in November, and buy rate for Canelo versus Golovkin obviously would be larger if Mayweather versus McGregor weren’t taking place on August 26.

“I call it Riggs-King because that’s really what it is. It’s a hybrid event, something of a freak show, and you need to watch it or think you need to watch it because your neighbor or all your friends on social media are going to watch it to see this odd confrontation between a guy from MMA and a boxer - people who do two different things, and they’re going to box, in a boxing ring, with boxing rules, so does anybody really believe they don’t know who is going to win?!”

On Mayweather-McGregor by CompuBox statistics:

“Let me tell you something. CompuBox, which I very much trust and appreciate as an analytical tool, tracked 10 Conor McGregor fights and I looked last night at the numbers from what they did and I didn’t realize this, because I don’t watch MMA, he’s not an attacker, he’s a counter puncher. He’s a guy who stands back, waits for the opponent to come to him, and tries to knock him out with one big shot.

“You know what Floyd Mayweather does against counter punchers? He watches them, and he waits for them to make a move on him because he’s not gonna bother to play into their hands by walking in toward them and giving them opportunity. Here’s another thing, in the 10 events that CompuBox tracked, Conor McGregor spent 21 minutes on his feet. He’s gonna spend 36 minutes on his feet in one fight against Floyd Mayweather. That’s a whole new experience.

“And by the way, Conor McGregor in those fights tracked by CompuBox threw about 42 strikes per round. That means not only is he a counter puncher but that he’s a relatively slow-paced counter puncher. The only two fighters who ever gave Floyd Mayweather any difficulty over long stretches of time were Jose Luis Castillo and Marcos Maidana - two pure brawlers with great physical strength who pushed Floyd into the ropes and threw 75 or 80 punches a round trying to land something. That does not describe Conor McGregor.

“So this is a mismatch in even more ways than I thought was originally the case...If you saw Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather and you thought it was dull, and you want to see something duller, spend your money on Mayweather-McGregor.”

On if there’s any possible upside to this fight, possibly attracting to new fans to the sport of boxing:

“Probably not. No. I think that the MMA fans are, you know, they’ll find a way to say ‘oh, you know, it wasn’t real, I excuse it...”. By the way, what do they care what their MMA guy does against a boxer - he’s an MMA guy! Do you think that Floyd would ever go into a cage and let somebody kick him? No! Of course not! That’s a different sport.”

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