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Nevada to change Rigondeaux result to no decision

Guillermo Rigondeaux and Moises Flores are probably headed for a rematch.

Guillermo Rigondeaux v Moises Flores Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has decided to change the controversial knockout result of Guillermo Rigondeaux’s fight with Moises Flores to a no decision, according to, a move that is, to put it plainly, the right call.

Rigondeaux hit Flores with a shot after the bell to end the first round, putting Flores down and out on the canvas. After a lengthy discussion involving referee Vic Drakulich and various other Nevada officials, including executive director Bob Bennett, a knockout was called.

Drakulich originally was focused on Rigondeaux holding and hitting, which he had been on the couple of punches prior to the KO blow. But the last shot, other than being landed after the bell, was clean. Commission officials didn’t realize the shot came after the bell — with Bennett stating on the HBO broadcast that he was told it “unequivocally” came before the bell, which was flat wrong.

Once tape was reviewed, the immediate statement from Bennett was that it would be changed to a no contest or no decision, rather than a disqualification win for Flores, as they felt the shot from Rigondeaux was unintentional.

This isn’t official yet, as the decision has to be voted on, but Bennett said, “The evidence to me is quite clear,” which it would be to anyone who has seen the footage.

It’s likely that Rigondeaux and Flores will be ordered into a rematch by the WBA.

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