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McGregor taunts Mayweather with mural

SHOTS FIRED! like they say on the internet. Well, kinda, anyway.

Conor McGregor is being counted out by pretty much every boxing fan on earth in his August 26 boxing match with Floyd Mayweather, but the Irish MMA superstar is going to consistently talk trash heading up to the fight, at the very least.

He had some tonight, tweeting out a photo of himself in front of a giant mural depicting him smashing Mayweather with a left hand:

Prepare yourselves in the next two months for many of these posts, as we at Bad Left Hook need to bathe in the sweet, precious web traffic they will produce. If your serious sensibilities are offended, we will always make it clear via the headlines and photos on the front page that you can simply ignore these posts. None of us will blame you for doing so.

And, hopefully, August 27 will be the last day we ever have to talk about this gimmick.

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