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Brook has slightly larger fracture than he did against Golovkin

Despite Kell Brook having a larger orbital bone fracture than the last time, this one is expected to be easier to operate on.

Boxing at Bramall Lane Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

Trainer Dominic Ingle backed Kell Brook’s decision to discontinue in his fight against Errol Spence Jr. last weekend, saying that he allowed the fight to continue for longer than he did against Gennady Golovkin because Errol Spence Jr. isn’t as devastating a puncher, telling Sky Sports:

"We're talking about Spence Jr, not Golovkin. Kell did say that Golovkin's power was much more devastating. From what I could see, Spence Jr wasn't landing too many clean, full shots to the face.”

Ingle does admit, however, that Brook having his left eye cracked in this outing (as opposed to the reconstructed right eye from the last time out) may have rattled Brook’s composure somewhat -- saying Brook was mentally prepared for the right eye to potentially give way, but certainly not the left - a scenario much more difficult to cope with.

Either way, with Ingle believing Brook to be up on the scorecards around the sixth-seventh round, he asked Brook to hang in there a bit longer, mentioning that Brook trusts him to stop the fight when necessary. After getting hit in the eye in the 11th round, Brook ultimately said his vision was impaired to the point where he simply had to call it quits.

Soon after the fight ended there would be many wondering whether or not this latest injury would spell the end of Brook’s fighting career - but neither Brook nor Ingle believe that to be the case.

“I spoke to Kell afterwards and he said: 'I've got a few fights left in me'. I've got no concerns that he won't box again. He'll have the belief that his eye will become as strong as the other one.”

Ironically, despite Brook suffering what Ingle describes as a slightly larger fracture than what he suffered in the Golovkin fight, this injury is said to be easier to operate on. The hope is that with this next surgery Brook’s left eye will become stronger than it previously was, just as the surgeons told him would be the case with his right eye.

Ingle says that after Brook is all healed up, he hopes that the big domestic showdown against Amir Khan will finally be made.

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