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Broner appears on The Breakfast Club

Adrien Broner stops by The Breakfast Club while in New York promoting his July 29th fight with Mikey Garcia.

Shortly after Adrien Broner’s kickoff press conference to announce his July 29 fight with Mikey Garcia, Broner swung by Power 105’s The Breakfast Club to talk about his run-ins with the law, his relationship with Floyd Mayweather, and trying to make the best of this second half of his boxing career. Check out some excerpts below with the full video above...

On him looking to be in better shape than he’s given credit for:

“Ah man, you know, uh, we gonna let the people think what they think, man. But July 29th is gonna be crazy.”

On if he trains everyday when preparing for a fight:

“Usually I’ll train five days out of a week and Saturday/Sunday I take off, but for this fight I ain’t taking no days off.”

On if he’s going to stay out of trouble once and for all:

“It’s not like I wake up and go ‘I’m gonna get in trouble today.’ It’s just, you know, I find myself in trouble sometimes. You know I try to make better decisions but, you know, I’m just happy that a lot of things is over for me and I’m moving forward and doing better.

On his most recent incident where he was shot at outside a local nightclub:

“That’s actually just one [incident] that was recorded and called but...They really had a drop on me and I was just caught in the crossfire of some crazy stuff going on in Cincinnati right now...that’s actually why I left the club early. And where I was, I was in my hood on the west side, and I ran the light ‘cause I ain’t wanna stay at the I’m thinking I’m good, my music was on, and then I heard boom, boom, boom and I’m thinking ‘ooh, this music bumpin’ and then I heard [more gunshots] and I’m like ‘oh, that aint the music!’

“So I stayed calm, I got outta there and you know they pulled me over ‘cause - at the time, because I had just moved - I didn’t actually stay in Cincinnati, I stayed in Kentucky that’s across the bridge. So I got across the bridge and I was driving like someone was still chasing me, so the police [pulled me over]...”

On why he continues to go back to the hood when he’s already earned enough to stay away from that lifestyle:

“Ummm, well I just figured it out. You know, uh, sometimes you get guys like me, who just feel like...I’ma real one, I’ma stay around and be around you guys but all I’m doing is just creating more snakes in my grass so, now it’s just time to love from a distance and you know, I’m gone.”

“I never got it until then. Like literally this last incident really made me move out of Cincinnati and I just moved, I’m gone. Floyd told me about three years ago ‘you done outgrown Cincinnati so people seeing you with all these nice watches, all this nice jewelry that really a lot of people can’t buy and it only creates more haters.’ And I was like ‘Nah man, all my friends, this and that...’ and as time went on my name only got bigger and bigger, I only got more and more money, I only got more and more jewelry, and buying more luxury things and more cars that they can only dream of and just everybody started to envy me and look me up and down crazy...”

On his roller coaster relationship with Floyd Mayweather:

“It’s really like a big brother-little brother relationship. You know, uh, we get into it but life too short to be mad at each other. So we’ll talk, he’ll cuss me out or I cuss him back out and after that we’ll go on a boat or something and just chill...

“He actually told me this camp that we was gonna [spar each other]...He was like ‘Yeah, we sparring this camp baby.’...and I’m like ‘Yeah, we sparring this camp - I’m f—k you up!’...and then it got serious. We was still playing but it got serious...but we haven’t crossed paths yet.”

On if he thinks Mayweather will easily beat McGregor:

“I really can’t even express the way I feel because I don’t wanna throw shade on big bro’s fight or stop his money or stop people from buying the fight so, you know what, it’s gonna be a helluva fight. McGregor’s got a puncher’s chance and it’s gonna be a very entertaining fight.”

On why he had to spend three days in jail for not appearing in court for a disorderly conduct charge:

“I’ma give ya’ll the real story. When I got shot up the police pulled me over and I had a warrant over in Kentucky since 2014. And when I got locked up that time or whatever I went out of town, I went to camp, and I just never came back...and I haven’t got in trouble once they came and they seen the car and was just like ‘we just gotta run your name’ and was like ‘oh, you got a warrant from 2014.’

“So they processed me in, they let me back out, then I go to court and the judge is like ‘why didn’t you go to court?’ I was like ‘Uh, I really don’t remember’ - I’m telling the truth - ‘I really don’t remember it was so long ago’ but he was like “But you knew that you got locked up and you needed to come back. You know you looking at nine months.’ I’m like ‘What?! Really? Nine months for this?’ I took it to trial or whatever and they gave me three days. I copped out to three days.

“The three days was kinda good though because, you know, it was the craziest three days ever. I had like all the CO’s coming to see me and when I went in they had me on a floor with like 85 people. It was people sleeping on the floor and I’m like ‘Man, give me your bed bro, I’m not sleeping on no floor.’ It was the most peaceful three days I’ve had in a while because I don’t get time by myself....I had to promise some people a couple things to get some stuff but it’s cool...all they wanted was a couple dollars on they books.”

On his suicide threats on social media:

“Believe it or not, I was in a hotel room and I heard a knock at the door and like [two of my five] baby mamas ran in...they were crying and shit, I was just laughing. And they were crying like ‘where the gun at?’

‘ was a lot going on [at the time]. ‘Cause, you know, you got days when you wake up and just feel make sure that everybody good...When someone has a problem they can call me and it’s fixed. But it’s rarely that I get a text or a call like ‘Bro, you alright?’ was just like man, what would it be like if I was gone? But I’m over that shit, though.”

On what got him through that feeling:

“I prayed in the shower...I cry sometimes in the shower because the tears blend in...but then, a little bit after that Floyd called me and he flew me straight to him and I was just with him for about a month and a half and it kinda got me back on track...”

On his upcoming fight with Mikey Garcia:

“Ya’ll ain’t went to put no money down yet? Ya’ll need to hurry up before the shit change ‘cause right now I heard it’s like 5:1. I guess these mothaf*ckers think I’m still in Miami in LIV with Wayne and Nicki or something...

“It’s just funny because Vegas gonna lose a lot of money, they giving me and my people a chance to get more rich. It’s just the opportunity that I’ve been looking the end of the day this camp has been crazy. This might be one of the best performances of my career.”

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