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Tyson Fury calls Anthony Joshua a bully, an ‘Uncle Tom’

Tyson Fury takes exception to Anthony Joshua labeling him as boring.

Terry Flanagan and Petr Petrov Public Work Out Photo by Mark Robinson/Getty Images

Tyson Fury apparently caught word of Anthony Joshua calling his fight against Wladimir Klitschko a boring one. Now Fury is upping the ante in responding to Joshua’s statements.

"A big bully is what you are you big dosser. Big Femi [is] your bully street name.

"I've seen your type many times. The man who can't speak his own mind, the plastic Nigerian. I'm more Nigerian than you!

"I'll fly the flag for Nigeria when we fight. Gypsy man represents the world. Ali had words for a man like you, they were Uncle Tom."

Fury appears to be in the midst of training to get back in fighting shape, with his eye on taking on the likes of Anthony Joshua when he’s ready and able to return. Fury currently has British boxing license suspended and a ruling on previous doping violations isn’t expected to happen until at least October. That being the case, it seems that Fury won’t be able to return until next year at the earliest.

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