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Daniel Franco emerges from coma

Franco has been weaned out of his medically induced coma and is no longer in intensive care.

Andre Ward v Alexander Brand Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Some good news in the boxing world is that featherweight Daniel Franco, who was hospitalized for two brain bleeds that he suffered during his most recent fight, has been brought out of his medically induced coma and is showing signs of improvement. His father broke the news today to ESPN.

"Daniel had his breathing tube removed and is breathing on his own," Al Franco said. "They added an IV to his carotid artery in his neck and removed all other IVs. He's progressing well and it's all thanks to the great doctors and you all. Thank you all for your prayers.

"Daniel was moved out of intensive care unit and into a regular room. He's responding well and is becoming more alert."

Franco had been rushed to the hospital in the immediate aftermath of his knockout loss to Jose Haro on June 10, where he would collapse right after the official scorecards were read. Franco was diagnosed with two separate brain bleeds which requried emergency surgery. Doctors would ultimately remove a portion of Franco’s skull to ease the building pressure on his brain.

Franco’s father is now elated to see that his son is able to communicate after he’s being weaned out of his coma.

"He gave us two thumbs up when asked if he could hear us," Al Franco said. "We asked him to wink once for yes and twice for no. He followed instructions and is aware of what is going on. He's moving slowly which may be due to the sedatives, he's on but he is improving. He is good for a few minutes, then goes to sleep again."

Franco’s family thanks the entire boxing community for their support and prayers over the last couple of weeks. The family was able to raise over $40,000 on a Go Fund Me page created to help ease burden of Franco’s medical expenses.

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