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Robert Garcia: Broner can’t afford to miss weight, he has a lot of baby mamas

Adrien Broner has intimated that there’s a $500,000 penalty if he misses the 140lb mark.

In this video interview with FightHub, trainer Robert Garcia talks about his brother’s upcoming fight with Adrien Broner and addresses the weight stipulation...

On how they are preparing for Broner:

“We’re getting ready for the best Broner out there. We already know that he’s in training camp in Colorado so he’s taking it serious. He knows it’s not an easy fight and he knows it’s pretty much do or die for him so he’s taking this fight very serious...”

On how this fight came about:

“They had already mentioned it to us, uh, they had already mentioned Broner’s name but not for July. They had mentioned or maybe before the end of the year or even next year. They had mentioned him as a future possible opponent...but the fighters Mikey asked for, which was to unify the titles at 135, and neither of them were available. Then Mikey asked...’what’s out there at 140 that’s available?’

“So we thought about that other champion that beat Burns - Indongo...and I believe he also has a mandatory that he has to do or he was injured in his last fight so that wasn’t available either. And then they brought Broner up, and when they brought that name up it was - Stephen Espinoza has been saying it - it took 30 seconds for both guys to agree to that fight. It wasn’t hard to be made. It was easy.”

On how he feels about Mikey being a 5:1 favorite:

“You know what, I don’t follow that and I heard that in New York - I was a little surprised because Broner is a solid fighter. You know, I don’t really follow the odds, I’ve never put money into my fighters or anything so I really don’t care less what it is because sometime, you know, maybe because of his trouble, his problems that he’s been going through, maybe that’s the reason. But inside the ring I think we’re gonna see a great Broner and when Mikey beats him, because that’s our plan, I want Mikey to get the credit for beating the best Broner, not one that was the underdog by so much.”

On if he has any concerns that Broner might not make weight for this fight:

“He says he can’t afford to not make weight ‘cause there’s a big fine I believe and he’s got a lot of baby mamas that he has to take care of so...”

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