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Golovkin: Mayweather talks too much!

Gennady Golovkin gives his reaction to Floyd Mayweather picking Canelo Alvarez to beat him.

In this video interview with Marcos Villegas of FightHub, Gennady Golovkin takes some time to answer some media questions following during his Los Angeles press conference. Check out what he had to say...

Golovkin on what it would mean to him to get a win over Canelo:

“You know, it’s big. It’s big step for me because I know who is Canelo, and everybody knows who is Canelo. Not only for my career, I think this fight is like history fight. Also after like [whoever] wins, he is like huge champions.”

On what he advantages he believes he has over Canelo:

“You know I have more experience at 160 - in middleweight division...Remember middleweight division is special because you remember everybody. I remember Sugar Ray Robinson, Marvin Hagler, Carlos Monzon, like oh, huge champions! Bernard Hopkins, he is originally from middleweight division. You know, this is special.”

On if and what he remembers from his past sparring sessions with Canelo:

“Yes, absolutely. It’s six years ago and this is sparring. This is different, fight and sparring and I’m very enjoying this time.”

On how he would rate Canelo’s power from his experience:

“...more speed, more technical. He’s little bit special guy. He’s not regular guy. 100% he has different style [from Kell Brook and Danny Jacobs]. He’s not Jacobs.”

On what he thinks about people believing that he’s starting to slip after getting hit more than usual against Brook and Jacobs:

“No, I feel great. Maybe I looked bad but I feel great.”

On Floyd Mayweather picking Canelo to beat him, saying that he relies too much on power:

“This is nothing, you know? This is nothing. Right now we have new story.”

“You know, he talks too much...I think he’s not promoter, he’s not Canelo’s promoter. I don’t know why. Why?! Ask him why.”

On how he’ll beat Canelo:

“I have a couple ideas. I show you.”

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