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Canelo: They’ll always criticize me, even after I beat Golovkin!

Canelo Alvarez answers media questions during his Los Angeles presser.

During this media scrum caught by FightHub, Canelo Alvarez fields media questions about his Sept. 16 fight with Gennady Golovkin.

Canelo on his past sparring with Golovkin:

“That sparring happened about six years ago. He’s gotten better, I’ve gotten better. It could help a little but I’m not going to get ahead of myself, I think we’ve both gotten better and sparring doesn’t influence a fight. It’s very different. So I think it will be a good fight, a fight the people want to see, a hard fight, but we’re happy.

“My trainer says that when I’m inspired nobody can stop me.”

On what it would mean for him to beat Golovkin:

“Not just to beat Golovkin, but to beat all fighters means a lot to my legacy. Like my team says, this fight is a culmination of 14 years of work but we’re ready for a big test and we’re going to pass it.”

On what makes him better than Golovkin:

“I think that talking about advantages at this stage is [not important]. He’s a strong fighter that’s aggressive and comes forward. He also has experience and a lot of amateur fights too. Also, he has a lot of professional fights. But I think I’m better than him and we’ll see on September 16.

On what he thinks about all the people who accused him of ducking Golovkin this whole time:

“They will always criticize me, even after beating Golovkin, they’ll always criticize me. But I don’t worry about it.”

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